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No-fault recovery

Do you think the other party is liable for your repair costs?


If so, let Goumas act on your behalf to recover these costs at no extra charge.


Our staff will categorise claims, establish the likelihood of recovery and negotiate the best possible settlement for our clients. The Goumas recovery service is a flexible unit that will work in liaison with your appointed personnel to the level of involvement you require.


At no expense to you, Goumas will:


  • Co-ordinate negotiations to recover the debt
  • Send written claim notification to the other driver
  • Prepare a quote for repairs to your vehicle
  • Organise an assessment by the other party's insurance assessor or an independent assessor
  • Organise legal action to recover costs if necessary
  • Begin repairing your vehicle once admission of liability or a release has been obtained
  • Process your claim with our Insurance Claims Management service
  • Arrange a rental vehicle and recover the costs if your vehicle is required to earn income


For more information or to get the process started, contact us today.

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